Tax Preparations

Millions of Canadians pay more tax than they should every year and you shouldn’t be among them…
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We deliver professional accounting services to our clients who do their own book keeping on a very reasonable…
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Book Keeping

Our goal is to help you feel confident in your company’s ability to use your accounting software and be fully…
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Payroll Processing

Our steps include but are not limited to: Managing your payroll and maintaining your payroll records..
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BTS Accounting and Tax Services offer Tax preparation, Accounting, Bookkeeping; complete Payroll, Pay Stub & T4 services. We also deal with issues and compliances with CRA for individual and business clients. We provide Consultation services for all kinds individual and business financial complications.

BTS Accounting Service Inc provides all kinds of income Tax Services in GTA. We also provide high standard of Accounting and Bookkeeping for Small Businesses in the Greater Toronto and Surrounding areas.

We’re ready to work with you

BTS Accounting & Tax Services Inc is a Toronto-based Accounting Outsourcing & Tax firm. located in Scarborough, Ontario. Canada. We are dedicated to providing our clients with professional, personalized services and guidance in a wide range of financial and business needs.

Important Tax Tips

The following tips may help you or your family to claim your maximum refund:

Working income tax benefit (WITB): Working individuals and families with low income may be able to claim this refundable tax credit. The WITB includes a supplement for individuals who qualify for the disability tax credit. Eligible individuals and families may also apply for advance payments.

Children’s fitness tax credit: Did your children play soccer, take ballet classes, or participate in another prescribed program of physical activity



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Great Service! Definitely recommend you to go here! Rated 5 stars and More!

Dylan M

I cant say enough about how happy my wife and I are with Thileep’s tax preparation services. He is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and the attention to detail is nothing like I have ever seen – thank you so much for your quick and effortless service, so affordable too.


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